Monday, February 07, 2005

Testimonial : Z-CoiL's Survive Father/Daughter Sock Hop!

Z-CoiL's Survive Father/Daughter Sock Hop!: "What a night! Over 300 screaming teanagers, their dad's, 3 hours of blaring music from the 1950's and hours of dancing the Swing! I had the pleasure of escorting my daughter to this wonderful event, preceded by dinner at a 1950's type diner and a ride to the event in a cherry 1957 Chevy!

Last year, it was a formal event, and my daughter would not let me wear my Z's, and what a mistake that was... This year, I had to find a way! How do you work Z-CoiL's into a 1950's theme?? The solution... a biker theme with a pair of Z-Duty work boots! And boy was I glad I did! I managed to dance the whole evening, being one of the last survivors in the Swing contest, and outlasting almost all of the other Dad's! Here's yours truly and my beautiful date:

So you see, Z-Coil's can fit into any situation!

Till later,

Caesar Snee
Owner EZ-Shoes
San Jose, CA

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