Saturday, June 04, 2005

“Health Forum” to Feature Z-Coil Footwear

You may have heard the expression “Put some spring into your step.” Now, one can quite literally do that with Z-Coil and diminish pain.

It all began when Alvaro Z. Gallegos set out to cure his own foot pain. He figured out that the source of his pain was from impact; he came up with the idea of a shock absorber, similar to those on a car, to reduce the impact on the heel. He decided to experiment with adding a spring to the heel of his shoe, and it gave much relief to his pain. He then decided to market shoes to those that suffered from similar back, leg and/or foot pain. Many do not even realize that what they wear on their feet might be the cause. Z-Coils are designed to relieve pain from heel spurs, arthritis and lower back pain.

For the past five years, Z-Coil has experienced growth. The firm is also poised for more growth based on the fact that according to the National Podiatric Medical Association, 85% of people will suffer from some sort of back or foot pain during their lives.

Several athletes have found relief from wearing Z-Coil. Yvonne Graham, an Olympic silver medal winner for the middle distance run, suffered from a serious Achilles tendon injury that prevented her from running. After many surgeries, she was still unable to run until she tried Z-Coils.

Video: Channel 8, Austin, TX, news report

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