Monday, June 06, 2005

A recent article in Good Housekeeping (May 2005, page 90) indicated that Z-Coil shoes may be dangerous.

"They cite the experience of one of their readers who reportedly suffered an ankle fracture as the result of the shoes.

They indicate that their own testers felt that the shoes felt "unstable." They strongly recommend that the shoes be fitted by a trained dealer.

I have personally worn these shoes for years without difficulty. I have prescribed hundreds of pairs. I have seen no injuries in my own patients. I would strongly advise each person to assess the shoes and consider the risks and benefits carefully before purchasing the shoes.

Like any medical device or orthotic, they can help some conditions but have possible risks. Remember also that one can break an ankle in any shoes if one is not careful. Consider consulting a physician or podiatrist."

Northern California Neurosurgery Medical Group, Inc.

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Anonymous said...

Save your money, these shoes are a
scam. They do absoultly nothing for you but feel diferent.