Friday, June 17, 2005

Testimonial - Donna Beck

Donna is a tour guide in Florida and suffered from heel pain and lower pack issues. She came into our store when she was in town visiting relatives in December of 2003. When you are a tour guide, your livelihood depends on the ability to walk for miles during the day, and Donna was having a problem doing that.

"Standing on cement floors for 8 hours caused very bad lower back pain, getting so bad that I could not bend over by the end of the day," says Donna. "Z-CoiL's, within two days, completely alleviated the pain in the lower back and I felt rested throughout the day with no problem when having to bend.

"As a tour guide walking 2 miles, 3 nights a week, I never feel fatigued, I have no back pain and they keep my sore heel very comfortable! For anybody that has to stand a lot, these shoes are an investment to your health, comfort and well-being."

Donna got off the airplane and headed straight for our store to see what new styles we had in the store! She spreads the word about Z-CoiL's to her other co-workers, and her manager now has 3 pair! Donna still prefers to visit us when she comes in town because of our good looks! (just kidding... we know her fit and she enjoys the atmosphere that our store provides!)

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

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