Thursday, June 02, 2005

Testimonial: Ginny Almond

Ginny first purchased her Z-CoiL's from Dr. Lieberson, a surgeon in Fremont that is a believer in the footwear. She is disabled due to a lower back injury which prevents her from working as an administrative executive.

"I have tried many other orthopedic shoes prior to my neurologist prescribing Z-CoiL's," says Ginny. "I have found them to be life-savers. I could not walk the length of my home without a pain stabbing feeling (lower back radiating down my right leg.)

"The Z-CoiL's seem to absorb the shock which caused the pain when walking. Now, after 2+ years of wearing Z-CoiL's almost always, I can comfortably walk my dog around the block and stand or walk in church for short periods of time.

"Thank you Dr. Lieberson (photo) for telling me about these shoes and to Z-CoiL for improving the quality of my life by reducing the pain!"

Ginny's husband also wears the Z-CoiL's with great success. Ginny was in to purchase yet another pair to add to her collection.

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

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