Friday, March 04, 2005

Footopia of Denver - MBT Shoe Story

I have a customer that has several pairs of MBT shoes for running. She said she loved them but thought she would try Z-coil.

She bought two pair to run in.

She came in the next week or so and bought three more pairs, said she loved them.

Three weeks later she came in and bought 5 pairs. She now owns 10 pairs of Z-coil. 6 of them are size 6 blue and white Freedoms for running, the others are for every day.

She said she never wears her running shoes for anything but running but she was wearing her z-coils so she has bought every day shoes, too. She also insisted she knew she did not have to replace her shoes every 3 months with Z-coils but she has several residences and she always keeps two pair of shoes NEW for an unexpected trip to run.

Denver, CO


MBT Seattle Shoe Story - KOMO TV News Report (2/28/05)
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Some shoes are leap of faith - Sarasota Herald-Tribune (3/07/05)


Feet First MBT Online Store said...

Interesting, we have seen the exact opposite at our MBT store. Customers coming in with the Z and leaving with one, two or even three pairs of MBTs.

We just opened an online store where customers are professionally fitted with the MBT online. We have received many questions on the Z when customers buy MBT online and are very interested in your comments.

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T said...
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