Sunday, May 01, 2005

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Try These instead of drugs!!!!

Posted on 03 Jun 2004 at 08:29.15 PM

After a couple of really bad falls - right on my knees on concrete floors, I began to develop osteoarthritis - but slowly, over time.

Now, like 10 years later, my right knee is bone-on bone and my left is just about that way too. I was in almost constant pain for the last 4 years - drugs didn't help, cortisone helped a little - for a while - but really nothing helped much.

I was looking at TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT at age 52.

Then someone told me about these Z-Coil shoes for pain relief and after doing some research and talking to a doctor, I decided to try them.

I drove over 300 miles to get them - from Lexington, KY to Atlanta, GA. And they were worth it. I can walk without pain!!!!!

So my very best advice for anyone with arthritis is to get yourself some Z-Coils. Its a shoe, with a built-in orthotic and a steel coil on the heel which acts as a shock absorber. It is amazingly effective. It depends on your condition and how bad it is, but these were wonderful for me.

They were tested by the US department of Energy and found to reduce the IMPACT if your body weight as you walk (normally 2-3 times your weight), by 50% or more!!! THAT makes a difference! It will significantly reduce PAIN - in some cases completely. They do look a little "different" but, for me, its better than the big old metal brace like I used to wear or me limping and all hunched over (the shoes also help your posture - because they help you walk correctly).

There are a lot of adjustments that can be made for specific problems too, like pronation and flat feet. Anyway, after wearing these awesome shoes for several months, my husband and I had become such believers, we decided to become dealers. Never sold shoes before in my life, but I am now - I am actually working now - when I was unable to do anything but a sit-down job before - and even that was difficult.

They may not be the answer for everyone, but I tell you, they seem to help about 95% of the people who come in to our little store. I think everyone should check them out and give them a try - may be able to delay or even avoid surgery.

I CANNOT sell them online, so don't ask. People have to be properly fitted. So go to the website: Read about them and then go and find a dealer near you - you will be glad you did! Hope this helps.

"Those must be comfortable shoes. I bet you could walk around all day in shoes like that and not feel a thing" - Forrest Gump

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