Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just call me "Spring-heel Jack" | In Passing...

Just call me "Spring-heel Jack" In Passing...: "This isn't an overheard thing; it's a shameless testimonial to my new Z-Coil shoes. Sure, they look ridiculous, but I've never owned a more comfortable pair of shoes.

Before I got them, I gimped around like a cripple for the first few hours of every day--the pain in my feet made it agony to walk, and it showed. And though the pain would subside somewhat after a while, it never went away. Now, I can walk without feeling like I have broken glass in my heels. The pain hasn't entirely gone away (but then again, I've only been wearing my Z-Coils for three days), but it's so much better I can hardly believe it.

Okay, so at $150-$200 dollars, they aren't for everyone. But the springs are the part doing most of the work, and so are the part most likely to wear out--and the springs can be replaced for $35 for a pair. The rest of the shoe can last years without showing significant wear and tear, even when worn daily. So even with the initial outlay, that's less than I used to spend on shoes, trying to find something--anything--that would feel better."

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