Saturday, May 07, 2005

Testimonial: Carol L. Schmidt, RN

One year ago while in New Mexico visiting family and friends, I was introduced to an amazing product, the Z-CoiL® shoe, which literally was a Godsend to me.

Working in the nursing profession, I am on my feet generally for the entire shift.

After 17 years it has taken its toll on my body and joints. Last June was spent in excruciating pain in my knees, which led me to an orthopedic surgeon, who diagnosed me with bleeding bursitis within the knee joint.

Immobilization and physical therapy treatments did not seem to be working, as my knee re-bled four times within that month. Before leaving on my trip to New Mexico, I called my orthopedic surgeon’s office to setup an appointment to have surgery on my knee and clean it out, as I couldn’t continue as I was.

I headed to New Mexico in my immobilizer with my family and we were fortunate to meet AI Gallegos, the inventor of Z-CoiL® shoes. My nurse friends were all wearing Z-CoiL®s. Once they saw me hobbling along, they insisted I had to try these shoes.

My first impression was, “Well, I don’t know, those look pretty weird." Upon their insistence, I found myself at Al’s store in Albuquerque, and he fit me with a pair of his shoes after a thorough explanation of their design and function. Upon standing, I could immediately tell the difference.

The pain was tremendously reduced, and walking wasn’t the painful, laborious chore it had been over the last month.

After 24 hours in my Z-CoiL® shoes, I switched to just a knee brace. I didn’t experience any further swelling or bleeding and was able to walk on our adventures instead of being in a wheelchair.

At the end of the week, I returned to work with little to no pain in my knees. The other benefit I noticed was that I no longer had the chronic lower back pain I always had, another hazard of my profession. A few days later, I felt secure enough to go without the knee brace and I cancelled my ortho appointment.

The difference I felt in my Z-CoiL® shoes was immediate.

In the past, I’ve always had to buy insoles to make the shoes fit my arches, but not with these shoes. The built-in orthotic totally eliminated that need. I have worn my Z-CoiL® shoes for one year now, nearly 24-7.

Whenever I am wearing another pair of shoes, within 1-2 hours my knees are hurting, and the simple act of walking becomes very painful again.

Even though my shoes are a year old, they still give me the same support and comfort as the day I bought them. They have held up exceptionally well.

Normally in a year’s time, I have gone through at least three or four pairs of tennis shoes, because the support and comfort were gone in them.

Z-CoiL®s have saved me from surgery, buying extra shoes, and have given me pain-free movement again.

Thank you Al for designing such an incredible shoe!

A Z-CoiL® Wearer Forever,
Carol L. Schmidt, RN

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