Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Testimonial - Lois White

Lois purchased her first pair of Z-Coils about 18 months ago. She is retired and lists her occupation as a "hiker"! She loves to hike in the mountain trails around San Jose. She purchased her first pair of Z-CoiL's about 18 months ago with a pair of white Freedom 2000's and added a pair of balck Freedom 2000's shortly after that.

"Never have I had shoes as great as these! says Lois. "I will never go back to toe pointed shoes. I was starting to have hip problems but with the Z-CoiL, my hip is much better."

As she navigated the rocky rugged trail course in our store, she commented "I used to be afraid of walking on any rocks, but with these shoes, it's a breeze."

Today she wandered into the store to check out the painted clogs and to see if there were any new styles. The white Taos Clog Straps caught her eyes, and after a few minor adjustments, she was on her way. "My daughter is getting married, so now I have something to wear to the wedding," said Lois.

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

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