Sunday, May 08, 2005


"OSCAR-winning fitness guru JANE FONDA has been struck down with osteoarthritis, and is no longer able to exercise as much as she used to.

The 67-year-old movie icon, famed for her exercise videos in the 1980s, is slowing down her own regime due to the debilitating disorder.

"But I was doing yoga and lifting weights. I do try to stay healthy and I try to pay attention."

When I heard that Jane Fonda had osteoarthritis and is scheduled for hip replacement surgery at the end of her national promotional book and movie tour, I thought she would be an excellent candidate for Z-CoiLs and a 'multimedia membership' blog. Over the past several weeks, I have been exchanging e-mails with her management office - Fonda, Inc.

On Friday, Fonda, Inc. sent me the enclosed correspondence:

May 6, 2005

Thank you for your patience.

We have heard back from Ms. Fonda, and she appreciates your taking action against that blogging site. She is not interested in having her own blog, and she is also not interested in having her own official website.

Thank you in addition for the information about Z-Coils shoes, but she is not interested.

Thank you for inquiring about the upcoming media dates, but all of the national media programs related to the book tour have aired. However, she will be in the June edition of Vogue Magazine, and a review of her book was published in this month's O Magazine.


Fonda, Inc.

Ms. Fonda’s reaction to Z-CoiLs is exactly the same I had received from countless attendees at the Puyallup Fair in September. These people think they know what Z-CoiLs are, but do not comprehend what they do.


In an attempt to get these individuals to understand what Z-CoiLs do, do, at the 19-day fall fair I would spray them with this made-up line:

“You can not see the springy soled shoe simply with your eyes – you must experience them ON your feet.”

Sometimes they would spend a couple of minutes trying on a pair, but most of the time they would walk on by.

I was dumbfounded by people like Annie H., who felt pain relief instantly with Z-CoiLs on her feet, but did not believe it. You can’t force people to do something even if it improves the quality of their lives unless a law is passed (like the seat belt law) or the insurance industry can reduce annual medical claims by a couple of percentage points.

Oh, well. What are you going to do? Focus on the positive and open minded people that will take the time to see Zs with their feet and spread the stories of real people that have had their lives changed for the better by adding a spring to their step.

BTW: I thanked Fonda, Inc. for their time and attention. Although, I couldn't find the O Magazine book review, I did discover a 2000 interview between Jane Fonda and Oprah Winfrey.

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