Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gazette, The (Colorado Springs): Special shoes put spring in your step

The Z-Coil shoe, with a steel spring mounted on the heel, looks a bit like the spring-loaded shoes wile e. coyote sometimes wears in his fruitless pursuit of the Road Runner.

Z-Coils may seem a novelty, but their purpose is serious: an escape from pain. the springs suspension system absorbs the impact of walking or running. And despite its high-heel look, the Z-Coil is designed to offer greater stability than other shoes.

Ruth Lamers, 70, of Colorado Springs has worn Z-Coils for about three years. the shoes have eased her chronic back pain and truly put spring into her step. Before, walking half a block was a struggle. Now she takes a half-hour walk on most days.

"I can go shopping," she says happily. "I still get tired if I do too much, but I can shop like normal people."

Albuquerque, N.M.-based Z-Coil Footwear has spread to more than 150 distributors nationwide since opening six years ago. Business, built largely on word of mouth, is booming. Z-Coil had $2.7 million in sales in the fiscal year ending June 30, a 270 percent growth over the year before.

In Colorado Springs, Valentine Comfort Shoe Specialists started selling Z-Coils last year. they have become the top seller or close to it among the store's 15 lines of shoes, says John Mishasek, who owns the store with wife Meg.

Mishasek, a certified Pedorthist - an expert in footwear and foot anatomy - was skeptical at first about Z-Coils. He peppered creator Alvaro Gallegos with questions by phone and visited the Albuquerque store with his wife.

"The store was packed," he recalls.

"It was people buying their third pair or their fourth pair, and it made us think it wasn't a fad. There must be something there." (more)

November 2002

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