Friday, May 20, 2005

The HOPE crutch & Z-coil shoes

The HOPE crutch & Z-coil shoes: "My other must-have: I have also been using z-coil shoes for a while. They have a coil in the heel that reduces greatly the impact of walking, especially important now that I can't weight-bear on my left leg and must hop around my right. The work boot is one I used as a hiking shoe. It has the enclosed heel, which is now available for the other shoes as well. Some of the men didn't like the exposed coil because it looked like a 'high heel.' I get comments all the time about these shoes.

They really are the only shoes I can wear because of my neuropathy. I also like the sandal.

I don't recommend the clog. You really should have your heel enclosed to get the proper support from these shoes.

For more info: (I am not affiliated with them in any way)"


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