Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Press Release: Spring Has Sprung, Let Z-CoiL� Footwear Put Some Spring Back in Your Life

Revolutionary Footwear Increasing Mobility and Quality of Life

Brookfield, WI – Signs of warm weather often prompt new resolves of fitness and exercise. New exercise programs bring positive physical results, but may also bring unexpected pain in the joints and muscles. Millions of Americans suffer painful foot, leg and back conditions that can become exacerbated by increased exercise. A revolutionary line of pain-relief footwear is changing lives for thousands of people nationwide.

Z-CoiL® Pain-Relief Footwear™, specifically designed to relieve foot, leg and back pain, is available in Brookfield at Zee Footwear and is making a difference in many lives.

Avid golfer, Harold Dolato, says his Z-CoiL® hikers helped with his energy and stamina during a tournament last year. “I calculated I walked at least seven miles up and down hills, through grass and bushes and in 90+ degree weather,” Harold says. “At day’s end I could have gone further, but with my ordinary footwear I would have been dog tired.”

Zee Footwear store manager, Sunny McQuiston, has dozens of customers who’ve been able to get moving again.

“I have customers who are walking more, losing weight and enjoying activities they haven’t enjoyed in years,” Sunny says. “The footwear reduces pain and discomfort for people who’ve had plantar fasciitis, heels spurs, arthritis, lower back pain and many other conditions.”

Z-CoiL wearer, Alex Tate, says he’s lost 59 pounds since the end of August 2004, two months after purchasing his first pair of Z-CoiL® shoes.

“After wearing the shoes for a couple of weeks, I found the pain and stiffness had lessened enough that I could start walking again on a regular basis,” says Alex, who has suffered from painful arthritis in both knees. “At first just a little and then more frequently and on longer walks.”

“I’ve had some help with a change in diet, but mostly increasing my exercise has been the key,” he adds. “I’m healthier now than I was in my 20s and the arthritis is a non-issue. I tell everyone that Z-CoiL® shoes were the best thing I ever did for myself.” (more)

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