Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Testimonial: Cara Lumen: I have discovered z-coil shoes

THE SACRED CIRCLE: "Endorsing products is not my thing but I have discovered z-coil shoes that are making me stand straighter and walk more fluidly. They have springs on the heels.The guide at the Hearst Castle was wearing them.

I said, 'How do you like your z-coils?' She replied, 'I LOVE them, I could sleep in them.' A friend has 3 pair and says she will never wear another shoe. Other people asked about them on my vacation and commented that they were 'way cool.' Check out

If you shop in Santa Rosa at A Step Above Footware, please tell the owner I sent you.

Cara Lumen, M.A., RScP is a contemplative philosopher, metaphysical seeker and inspirational guide.

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