Friday, March 25, 2005

Worldwide Spa Review Magazine: March/April 2005

I visited a Z-Coil distributor in Redding, California; a locally owned shop called "Springz", and walked out in my new snowy-white Freedom 2000 athletic shoes. I was warned to wear them for no more than a few hours at first, as some people find they are using their muscles a little differently and suffer a little bit of that post-workout stiffness the next day.

I was also instructed how to care for my Z-Coils, and to watch for any change in the spring. The wonderful thing is that if there ever is a problem with my shoes, the springs can easily be repaired! Having tossed many a worn-out pair of expensive sneakers during my lifetime, this sounded like a very practical idea.

The first thing I noticed was that my body kept bracing for impact that didn't come. I walked normally, but there was no great feeling of compression in the cartilage in my knees, and my hips and back were more relaxed. A friend who was with me was intrigued. We walked all over town for the city's holiday festival, and I felt fabulous! The faster I walked, the more I realized the immediate benefits of low-impact walking on my joints and leg bones. My friend bumped into a couple she knew, and of course she pointed out my shoes.
"Look, they have springs!"
"I know," said her friend's husband, pointing to his black sneakers with the heel covers. "I'm wearing mine, too. I never wear any other shoe."

After a week of walking in my Z-Coils my back, hips and knees feel great. I never had any of the stiff muscles from wearing them too long. They are fun to show off and, amazingly, they are still snowy-white. A word to the wise: Be careful going up and down stairs. Descend as if you were wearing shoes with a very high heel and hold on to a railing, at least until you get used to the new fit.

My verdict? I adore my Z-Coils! I'd wear bouncy hot pink stilettos if they'd made them. Think about it - the height and legs of a Rockette, and the stretch and spring so I would feel great at the end of the day. How about it, Z-Coil? (More)

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