Tuesday, March 01, 2005

NBC 17 - Family - Potentially Dangerous Z-CoiL Shoes

NBC 17 - Family - Potentially Dangerous Z-CoiL Shoes: "There's a funky new $200 to $250 shoe on the market with a spring in the heel called Z-CoiL that promises to help alleviate foot, leg and back pain. But when a Good Housekeeping reader complained that she broke her leg wearing them, the Good Housekeeping Institute decided to test the product out.

Six women wore the Z-CoiLs on a variety of surfaces, rating the shoes on fit, comfort, stability, quality and appearance. The result? One tester complained that her heel started hurting after a few days, and another said that her center of gravity was off. The footwear's instructions do warn of potential hazards, and the GH Institute cautions against wearing them on uneven surfaces (like gravel) or sticky surfaces.

If you have aching feet, the GH Institute suggests you go online to orthoinfo.org for advice.

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