Saturday, March 05, 2005

Testimonial - Dr. Sam Herbert

Testimonial - Dr. Sam Herbert:

"Shown above is Dr. Sam Herbert, a psychologist, sporting a pair of High Desert Hikers. Sam came to us over 18 months ago with severe ankle issues and plantar fasciitis. To top things off, he had a size 15, which we did not offer. His ankle was swollen tremendously when he first visited the store.

'Two Podiatrists informed me that I would require surgery and have pain for approximately one year,' says Sam. 'My right ankle/foot was so damaged because of an old injury, it was described by the Podiatrist as 'non-existent'. Also, I have plantar fasciitis.

'The doctor advised me the only solution was footwear (other than surgery.) I discovered Z-CoiL's and within one week was pain-free even when exercising! To date, I own 7 pairs of Z-CoiL's and will not wear another brand of shoes. My wife commented, 'You walk without pain!''

What Sam did not mention was that he was not our easiest fit... In fact, it took many, many months of adjustments and some special orthotics before he was able to wear the Z-CoiL's comfortably. Each pair has to be stretched to a size 15 and our orthotic needs to be widened to work in conjunction with his orthotic. Sam, though, was extremely patient, because he could see the potential of Z-CoiL's and what they could do for him... and for him, it has been a life-changing experience being able to function normally each day and not having to undergo a surgery that had no guarantees.

Sam now is a regular fixture around our store, helping to fit people when we get busy, putting away shoes, and assisting us in our efforts to get the word out to people in pain! We learned a lot from Sam's situation that we have been able to use to help other customers with similar problems. Thanks Sam!

Till later,

Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA


Note: Yesterday, I called EZ-Shoes. Sam answered the phone. He said that there are two styles he can not wear due to his foot: the sandle and clog. It took over a year before the Z-CoiLs were finially adjusted to fit his foot. Before wearing Z-CoiLs, his feet began hurting after walking only two blocks. Now, he is walking pain free everywhere. Give Sam a call. He will talk your ear off about his Z-experience. (408) 558-9596

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