Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Testimonial - Paula Lewis and Joan McCarthy

Pictured above is Paula Lewis in her CloudWalkers and Joan McCarthy in her new SideWinder Sandals. Paula and Joan both had issues with their feet before they purchased their first pair of Z-CoiL's over 4 years ago. They came into the store today to purchase a pair of sandals for each of them and also a pair of the Lo-Cut Dress Boots for Paula.

"We suffered from plantar fasciitis and tried doctor ordered orthotics with little success," says Paula. "We saw the Z-CoiL's and made the jump! The plantar fasciitis is gone and we no longer need custom orthotics."

"We can now walk miles without foot, knee or hip pain," adds Joan. "We call them our 'Tigger' shoes, since we can bouncey, bouncy, bounce!"

"We appreciate the care and concern of the San Jose Store, EZ Shoes. They are always willing to spend the time to get just the right fit and style I want and need," says Paula. "The original pair from 4 years ago shows no sign of wear or deterioration. The enclosed heel also works well on my motorcycle."

Since both Paula and Joan are retired, the have the luxury to spend their summers doing fun and interesting things. The reason they were purchasing the sandals is because they will be running a summer program on the American river for rafting tours and needed a shoe that would hold up with the constant abuse of the water. Sounds like a great time to me!

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