Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dr. Frank Zappa, DPM Comments On Dr. Hirsch's Z-assessement

> Dr. Stuart Hirsch, Biosport Orthopaedic & Sports
> Medicine Associates, Member American Academy of
> Orthopaedic Surgeons stated in the Monday WCBS-TV
> story
on Z-Coils that:

> "Gel cushions would provide equal cushioning with a smaller substance than a big wired spring"

> Can you comment on Dr. Hirsch's assessment?

My response to the statement made by Dr. Hirsch is more one of common sense.

How would a 1/4 inch gel cushion, which provides no stability whatsoever, possibly deliver the equal heel strike absorption and cushioning as an engineered tempered steel coil that is attached to a rigid orthotic built into the Z-Coil footwear.

Dr. Hirsch obviously has little experience with Z-Coil footwear.

Dr. Frank Zappa, DPM
Arlington Heights, IL

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