Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Testimonial - Elizabeth Ortega and Belena Orillaneda

Elizabeth Ortega and Belena Orillaneda made it to EZ-Shoes (San Jose, CA) in October of 2004. Elizabeth is a sales associate who spends hours on her feet on concrete floors, resulting in severe heel pain, pain on the arches and also pain in the balls of the feet.

"I was experiencing pain on both feet," says Elizabeth. "I had spent hundreds of dollars on all types of shoes including Easy Spirit, Bass, Naturalizer, etc. Nothing worked. I just couldn't be on my feet for over 2 hours.

"Then one day, my friend told me about Z-CoiL shoes. I didn't believe her, but two weeks after my purchase, my foot pain was gone. I couldn't believe it... no more limping! I didn't have to limp anymore. I then was able to start exercising again on the treadmill. My friends were happy that once again I could join in on outings to malls, outlets, hiking, etc!

"I got my life back because of Z-CoiL's. I won't wear anything else. I am always recommending these shoes to people, especially those that work on concrete floors."

Belena is a driver for a local company and has to stand and walk for hours during the day, which also caused heel pain.

"I have to stand for 8 hours and walk on pavement. I had so much at my foot at the end of the day. One day, a customer came in and was wearing Z-CoiL shoes. I asked her about the shoes and where she got them. After buying all those shoes and inserts, I was willing to try anything!

"I bought a pair and after a week of wearing Z-CoiL shoes, the pain was gone. After a month, it was as if that pain story was a dream. Since then, I have been wearing my Z-CoiL shoes."

Both ladies came into the store today to purchase yet another pair of Z-CoiL's to add to their wardrobe!

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

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