Thursday, April 07, 2005

Future Fairy Tales Farms: Blog Archive: Z-Coil Update

Ryan's Blog: I’ve worn the Z-Coils for a couple days now and I’m happy I bought them. I’m able to walk without the pain I’d been feeling. Yesterday I was on my feet all day and by the end my right foot was still sore and tired - but much less than it had been before. I’m going to try and take it easy over the next week and give my feet a chance to recover.

The Z-Coil shoes may look odd but I don’t think I’d be at work without them. When you first put them on it does feel weird to have that shock absorption but it’s nice. I think it’ll be a big help to be wearing them while I have to work at the library. Hopefully it’ll give my feet a chance to heal.

  • How are you doing with the Z-CoiLs?
  • Can you send me a photo of yourself with them?
  • Will you be wearing them for the Capital City Marathon?
  • Did you get the hiking boots?
  • Where did you get them? How was the service?
  • Did you have them adjusted?

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