Monday, April 18, 2005

Marla Swoffer: A Spring In Your Step

Marla Swoffer: A Spring In Your Step: "My husband has always had one, but now he has two...springs, that is. They're actually in his shoes. When his dad turned him on to Z-coil footwear I was skeptical (they cost about $200) but he wanted Eddie to have a pair so he sprung for most of the bill. They're supposed to be good for people with foot/back problems or who are on their feet most of the day. There's even a blog with testimonials from customers, doctors, and media write-ups.

The shoes match my husband's Tigger personality and are a definite conversation piece, which is why he didn't get the kind that have concealed springs. Of course it's a natural fit for a children's hair salon since kids loves wacky stuff--my husband somehow manages to pull off dorky and cool at the same time. Kind of like my being both a nerd and (according to him) a hottie. But it's definitely our weirdness that attracts us to each other the most! "

Update: I asked Marla a laundry list of questions via blog comments regarding her husbands' Z-CoiLs. When she deleted the list, I emailed her to find out what was up? Here is what she said:

No, it just wasn't the appropriate forum for that sort of thing. Emails better. But we actually don't want to participate--the shoes are great but it's a matter of privacy. Thanks!

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