Saturday, April 23, 2005

Testimonial: Jim and Rita Danklefs

For the past several years, I have been suffering from back pain due to degenerative discs and bone spurs. I have also experienced pain from heel spurs, flat feet and a fractured metatarsal bone in my right foot. It was rare for me to wake up in the morning when my feet didn’t hurt.

I have spent money on custom orthotic shoe inserts and the best shoes I could find (Eccos (Photo), valued at $200) in my search for pain relief. None of these options provided much relief. My wife, Rita was also experiencing sore and sometimes stabbing hip pain that made walking very painful after being on her feet for a while.

We were totally blown away with our experience at Total Relief Footwear. As soon as I tried on Z-CoiLs, my pain decreased significantly. Vince, the store manager spent well over an hour making sure the shoes fit me properly. Rita received the same level of attention. It was amazing to experience the level of personal attention that we both received. The staff was completely focused on our needs, instead of “pushing” a pair of shoes on us.

I tell everyone about Z-CoiL® shoes and our experience at Total Relief Footwear. In fact, I carry more of their business cards than my own! My daily pain has substantially decreased, and Rita’s hip pain disappears when she wears her shoes. Thanks for a great product backed by great service.

Jim and Rita Danklefs
Austin, TX

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