Saturday, April 16, 2005

MSWorld Forums - my feet hurt so bad

MSWorld Forums - my feet hurt so bad: "My feet hurt all the time..

If I have to do a lot of walking or standing it becomes
almost unbearable. I have sat in the car before because
I have arrived home and did not want to stand on my feet.
It takes all I have to get out of the car. Its awful.

I am seriously thinking about the Z-Coil shoes. They look
funny as heck but if they can help even a wee bit. Have
you looked at them on the web sites. I wonder if the
spring isn't adjustable therefore you could make it less
pronounced and show less. I need to check into that. But
if they work, I would be willing to wear them in public. To
he!! with what people think.
Di Brooker "

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