Sunday, April 03, 2005

Total Relief Footwear: Runners and Z-CoiLs

Thousands of runners experience foot, leg and back injuries every year. Running is a strenuous activity, with forces of up to 5 times your body weight being absorbed with each pounding stride.

Runners are starting to use Z-CoiL® footwear as a training and post-race recovery shoe. Dave Frank and Tish Mendick, co-owners of a Z-CoiL dealership in Omaha, Nebraska wear their Z-CoiLs before, during and after each marathon they enter. “I did a 20 mile training run a week before the Freescale marathon, said Tish Mendick. I didn’t feel like I had to work that hard to complete the run.”

Dave finished the Chicago marathon, Marine Corps marathon and the Freescale marathon in his Z-CoiLs. Tish said, “After the Chicago marathon, my girlfriends were exhausted. They couldn’t move. I went out dancing that evening!” Dave observes that his recovery time is reduced from weeks down to a few days after running a marathon in Z-CoiLs.

Dave Frank ran the Freescale
Marathon in his Blue & White
Freedom 2000 Shoes

As a distance training shoe, Z-CoiLs are very beneficial because they allow runners to get their miles in without excessive wear and tear on the joints. “They’ve made my running effortless,” says Kathi Keyes an athlete that competes in triathlons. Kathi remarks that the footwear allows her to increase her training schedule because there is less recovery time between runs. “After running 7 – 10 miles, I usually need a few days to recover from the pounding that my knees and back take,” says Kathi. “With Z-CoiLs, I have no pain the day after a training run."

Many runners are very picky, even superstitious about their race-day footwear, and opt to race in popular running shoes. After running a 10k event, half or full marathon – the body really takes a pounding. As a post-race recovery shoe, Z-CoiLs are an excellent footwear choice for angry and inflamed joints. By reducing the shock of impact on all joints by 50 percent, Z-CoiLs dramatically speed up the recovery process.

Cam White
Total Relief Footwear
Austin, TX

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