Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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foot wear - Nursing for Nurses: "

I bought a pair of Z-Coil shoes last year and have not one regret about the price.

Most nurses I know easily spend that and more in shoes.

A bonus with these shoes is in the spring. Not only can you adjust them, if you walk more on the inside or outside of your foot, but you can replace the springs for only $25/shoe.

The shoes I have are leather and easily cleaned.

I figure if they last me one more year, I've probably saved money in shoes.

I work in a small hospital, and the nearest place to buy them is 2 hrs away, yet there are now approx 5 staff members wearing these shoes. Not only that, but the real kicker is they are a daily topic of talk, esp with pts and their families.

If you do decide to possibly buy them, I would suggest walking around the place you are buying them from for at least 1/2 hr, just to make sure they are the shoe for you.

Also, if you buy them, I would have another pair of shoes at least for the first 2 days of wear. I found I actually walk using different muscles in my legs, and had just a little soreness in the calves, but only for the first 2 days.

I love my Z-Coils. "

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