Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Testimonial: William B

Step N Out Pain Relief Footwear, Alexandria VA - Z-Coil footwear for foot, leg, and back pain relief.

I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL shoes to help with my Plantar Fasciitis. Anybody who suffers from this problem knows that if you are not careful it can come back. I am always having to protect my feet knowing that once they become inflamed, it takes a certain time of inactivity to get the inflammation to go away.

The Z-CoiLs are a welcome addition to my arsenal of tools to fight this perpetual problem. I have orthotics, walking tennis shoes and foam inserts. I use these various footwear devices to relieve the pain by rotating the shoes that I wear. I find that if I stand on a hard surface even with the orthotics, my feet will start to burn and pain starts.

I bought a pair of Z-CoiLs during a period when I was having pain that would not go away even wearing the orthotics. I wore the Z-CoiLs and they did help relieve the stress. They especially help when I have to walk a lot and also when I am standing in one place, because I am able to rotate the pressure points on my foot much better with the Z-CoiLs. I do not have to wear the orthotics with the Z-CoiLs. I do wear a foam insert.

When the pain subsides enough, I can switch back to my regular shoes with the Orthotics. When my feet are hurting with the Orthotics, I will switch to the Z-CoiLs and the pain will start to go away.'

William B.

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