Friday, April 15, 2005

Testimonial - Genie Bennett

"Genie first came into our store in May of 2004 when she was purchasing her second pair of Z-CoiL's. Before she bought her first pair, she had issues with both her back and her knees, but her Z-CoiL's changed all of that. Since then, she has added a set of twins to her family!

'The most comfort notice that I experienced was when I was pregnant with my twins. The Z-CoiL's were a great help in counteracting the additional 90 pounds that I gained!

'When I got back to work, I tried wearing some non-Z-CoiL's for a day and regretted it that evening. I just bought my fourth pair and can't imagine wearing anything else!'

In fact, her whole family are Z-CoiL lovers, and when we were ringing up her sale, we realized that she had qualified for a free pair of Z-CoiL's due to our referral program! Congratulations, Genie!

Till later,

San Jose, CA

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