Thursday, April 14, 2005

When Good Housekeeping reader Ann Dorsey wore a pair of Z-CoiL® pain relief footwear™, she fell and broke her ankle.

Where did Ann Dorsey, a soft-spoken grandmotherly type, get her Zs?

  • A local independent Z-CoiL dealer
  • A Z-CoiL Independent dealer that went out of business
  • E-bay - if so, where they second hand. If Ms. Dorsey purchased a used pair of Zs, were they adjusted for somebody else? (Apparently, Ms. Dorsey emailed Good Housekeeping regarding her ordeal, so she uses a PC.)

Ms. Dorsey’s Z-CoiLs had enclosed heels. Although, there was an older style sold several years ago that included enclosed heels, today they are an option.

Photo: Z-CoiL field tests: Europe for Visitors

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