Monday, April 04, 2005

Valley Courier: Del Norte native eases pain for many

DEL NORTE — People who have a new spring in their steps and no pain in the joints owe the feeling to a Del Norte native who ran around a lot, then found a way to do it better.

Alvaro Z. Gallegos, familiarly known as “Al,” took up running after the untimely death of his wife and soon noticed that the impact of running brought with it significant aches and pains. Today, in his mid-70s, he runs daily and does so happily and painlessly.
After a stint in the military, he moved to northern New Mexico and met and married Marcella Lopez in 1960. While their eight children were being born, Al developed and sold several businesses, eventually moving the family to Santa Fe, then to Albuquerque.
Marcella died in 1980, leaving Al with children ranging in age from two to 18, so he began running in order to ensure they would have a healthy father.

By the mid 1980’s Al, in his desire to stay healthy, was running an average of seven miles a day and suffered from all the normal running injuries including heel spurs, knee problems, and back problems. He owned a shoe store at the time and had access to any type of running shoe available, but none helped in any way to reduce his pain.

PHOTO: Janice Griego shows off her Z-CoiL shoes and explains their benefits while husband Charlie looks on at left and neighboring businessman Mel Archuleta pays close attention at right. Charlie didn’t wear his shoes to work Friday and said he would regret it if the bar got busy.

Still running — and hurting — Al dreamed of a shoe with a coil in the heel to absorb the impact and make running comfortable, then he put together a prototype and the rest is history. He was laughed at. People made fun of his strange shoes, but he was happy to be running without pain and realized that all his pain was associated with the impact of hitting the ground while running.

Al invented Z-CoiL Footwear and, today, has dealers almost around the globe selling the odd-looking shoes that have made such a difference for people whose health has been affected by the impact of walking, running and standing in their daily lives. (more)

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what a fantastic and down to earth Al and the Z-CoiL story. I am blessed to have discovered this shoe when I did, to see the Z-CoiL as a way to continue my healing practice in such a positive way and to make such a difference in so many people's lives. I have Al and his visions to thank for this. Thank you Al.

Love Donna Rabbitt

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